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Welcome to F-Stop/Pixels my portfolio and contact site.

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What I Do

My name is Gary, and I am thinking you are here because I sent you, or it's been a happy accident. I am a part time, volunteer or commissioned, trained and experienced photographer, who freelances in various creative arts alongside other full time work in other fields.


Who I Am

My day to day, or 'bread and butter' as it were, is working in Technology. I am a 17+ year senior experienced Network and Systems Infrastructure Engineer, working and toiling at the sharp end, to a considerable level and security accumen. I have a wealth of experience across the broad spectrum of Infrastructure services for media, law, law enforcement, charity and non-profits.


My Personal Work

Please find the following examples of my personal photography and other creative arts work. I am happy to discuss commissions of work if you wish to contact me below. I have always been a curious and creative type, despite working at very varied and advanced, secure structured technology levels in my professional life.

Say Hello.

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